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We are an independent UK based company that focuses on the needs of those whose greatest concerns are health and fitness. We provide a range of diet and health supplements throughout the UK including Hi Cal Mass Gainer and Pre-Workout Supplements.


Ravage Pump Nutrition was founded by Mr A J Cole with the aim to provide dedicated customers with excellent quality products at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on the products we offer and the honest and outstanding service we deliver every day.



All of our products have been tested and certified as safe for use by UK Pharmaceutical experts and the governing medical bodies. We understand that finding the right product to trust and rely on can be difficult. As a company we have heavily invested in manufacturing the cleanest and healthiest supplements on the market today.



A recent consumer survey conducted 1 year ago showed that more than 3/5 of retailers are selling supplement products at inflated prices of up to 35% more than the true market value. At Ravage Pump Nutrition, we have added a unique price offer to the supplement market, offering safe and healthy supplements with a phenomenal price range.



We have a dedicated team at RPN that are always happy to help and offer expert advice on all things nutritional. Whether you want more information on our products or want some assistance in selecting the right product for you, why not get in touch today and find out how our supplement products can help you.


In the interest of being completely transparent, this company is not affiliated to any third party. If you have any questions with regards to our products and services, please feel free to get in touch.





Many protein isolates are useless...

The protein isolates found in some powders are manufactured by a high-temperature process that denatures the proteins. This basically makes the protein powder useless.
At RPN we do not use any harmful processes.


Protein powders are often full of artificial ingredients...

Corn syrup, artificial dyes, colours and fake sweeteners can be found listed on the product label of many protein powders. Over usage of MSG can also be found.

At RPN we use less than 1/3 of all sweeteners and do not use artificial ingredients.


Protein power may deplete Vitamin A...

If you choose to follow a low-fat diet, a high intake of protein powder is not recommended. Consuming high amounts of protein on such a diet over an extended period of time may deplete stores of Vitamin A.

At RPN we encourage all protein users to have sufficient intake of healthy fats in their daily diet.


Many protein powers expose you to harmful levels of metal...

Many tests have shown that all popular proteins on the market today contain contaminants of arsenic, cadmium, lead and unsafe levels of mercury.

At RPN, we ensure that all high levels of these ingredients are removed.